Locally owned and operated; Louisiana Seafood Exchange, is a full service, full line, purveyor of the finest quality fresh and fresh frozen seafood products that the area and the world has to offer.

Since our inception in May 1988, we have been solely responsible for elevating the level of quality that restaurateurs and grocers in Louisiana will accept in their establishments. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, superior quality, and our inflexible policy of honesty and integrity is unprecedented in Louisiana's seafood supply industry and will remain as such.

Although our reputation for superior quality and unprecedented service is a proud achievement for the company, we believe that our standing in the industry as an honest seafood house is more impressive. This is a label that even to this day hasn't been commonly worn by many in the seafood supply industry.

What we can do for your company is supply you with quality, service, and value we believe remains far above any area competition. Our supply lines on seafood are far reaching and should facilitate your intended usage easily.

Our specialty is fresh finfish cut to customer specifications. We have mastered the art of portion control and have been supplying food service industry professionals with this service since day one. We pride ourselves on delivering fish fillets or portions to our customers in a table ready state. We do not believe in padding yields by leaving belly flaps, bones, and skin attached unless it is a specific customer request. All products sold at Louisiana Seafood Exchange are guaranteed at all times to be wholesome, and fresh. All products are sold for what they are. We will never manipulate weights, labels, species, or containers for company gain.

Louisiana Seafood Exchange, Inc. was the first variety finfish processor in the state to voluntarily apply for and successfully obtain the status of a USDC sanitarily inspected facility. We would remain the only one. This program ensured that we follow certain specific guidelines of sanitation maintenance. These practices provided the means to store and process seafood in an environment conducive to the retardation of bacteria, the main cause of seafood spoilage. This benefit is carried over to you by providing you with more wholesome products that increases shelf life and reduces waste. You will recognize increased profits from this important attribute. We now have in place one of the strictest self written and self imposed HACCP plans in the South which has replaced our USDC program. We are also hosting 3rd party FDA sanctioned sanitation audits for our customer partners that require intensive sanitation practices.

As your primary vendor for fish & seafood, we will easily accommodate for any special circumstances that may be in question regarding the servicing of any account. We are specialists in delivery service and will be able to handle the challenges put forth by your establishment. We guarantee; fully accommodating your establishment poses no threat to our efforts to satisfy you completely.

Our Mission Statement:

"We view our company as a safe haven for those desirous for long lasting business relations built on the principles of honesty, integrity, trust, and dependability; and coupled with the highest levels of product quality and customer service."

Our commitment to the continuation of this belief is and shall remain and unwavering part of everyday operations.

We believe in supporting our industry and our state. We are a true Louisiana company. We work, live, and reinvest in our communities; and our money stays here in Louisiana. It is surprising how many don't!?!